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ProHazTech Environmental Inc.

Ensuring Your Safety

Safety and compliance is our top priority to protect our clients, their properties & businesses, our communities and our technicians.

ProHazTech Environmental is a team of experienced hazardous material professionals with extensive experience and networking throughout our industry. We strive to provide efficient, safe, and cost effective services to homeowners and commercial contractors tailored to their specific needs.


Our goal is to exceed industry standards by providing extensively thorough services to home owners and business owners by offering a peace of mind in our industry along with extensive knowledge and in depth consultations for their own informed decisions.


Our experts utilize industry-leading techniques and equipment, adhering to strict safety and environmental regulations.

Rock Rubble

About Us

ProHazTech is a team & network of experienced professionals specializing in all services regarding hazardous materials (Asbestos, Mold & Lead), Demolition and Disposal for both residential and commercial clients mainly throughout Metro Vancouver and the lower mainland. 

Our certified team of experts take pride in providing reliable and efficient services tailored to your specific project requirements (big or small) while ensuring your safety. We strive to provide a peace of mind for our clients in many regards such as WorkSafeBC regulations, project delays, occupant & employee safety, knowledge of the industry, consulting & inspections,  and much more.

Our aim is mitigate the common issues throughout our industry and be your first choice for a peace of mind through extensive consultation services on all aspects of any project, provide innovative and cost effective solutions, consulting on all required regulations, paperwork, and provide 3rd party reviews & inspections for any project, and to provide extensive knowledge for your own informed decisions. All services strictly cohere to WorkSafeBC guidelines.










Certifications & Experience: 

AHERA Certified (Since 2016) - Updated 2023

High Risk & Moderate Risk Abatement (Asbestos, Mold, Lead) (Since 2015)

Licensed to Transport Hazardous Materials

WorkSafeBC Compliant & Experience with providing 3rd Party Services on site shut-downs.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your specific needs and provide a helping hand every step of the way.

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