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Whenever there are any disturbances to suspected hazardous materials, regulations require a qualified person to conduct a full hazardous material survey report including all hazards including asbestos.

Consultants are a low cost solution to gaining all the information and knowledge required to protect your family, property, business or employees. We also save a huge amount of time and money regarding project budgeting and what to look out for, regulation compliance, worksafebc inspections & shut-downs, conducting things properly from the beginning, and most importantly, Ensuring your safety in all aspects.  


We strive to provide all hazardous material consulting requirements from start to finish from first-on-site consultations for all your specific needs and regulations catered to your projects including any survey report, air monitoring and 3rd party consulting and inspections.


We ensure you are in compliance with all required provincial laws and regulations such as WorkSafeBC guidelines and regulations for handling hazardous materials. We pride ourselves in offering safe, time efficient and cost effective solutions for all your hazardous material removal needs using industry leading techniques and equipment to get the safest and cleanest results possible.


Our team of experts prioritize safety and compliance for everyone's protection. We operate mainly in-house for all of our services to ensure stress-free processes in hiring contractors for the entire project allowing for the best possible rates and timelines in our industry. Our tight-knit network of like-minded experienced professionals can provide multiple opinions for trusted recommendations for your own informed decisions and give multiple options for your specific project budgets and goals. We are your trusted professionals for all aspects of our industry.


We are your licensed disposal specialists mainly handling asbestos, leachable/non-leachable lead and mold. We ensure to comply with all regional environmental regulations and provincial (WorkSafeBC) guidelines and regulations for handling these materials to be disposed of appropriately.   


We offer a peace of mind to homeowners and businesses/contractors on any size project if it is ProHazTech technicians conducting the services in-house or within our network, or if you are hiring other contractors and would like a 3rd party opinion and/or inspection to provide helpful information from our experts. 


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